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Go paperless with document scanning solutions that improve operating efficiency, speed cash flow, increase profit and drive consistent results. Pegasus TransTech is the leading provider of business solutions that streamline billing, collections, payroll, accounts payable, driver qualifications and other paper intensive processes for the trucking industry. TruckersB2B members receive a 6% discount on TRANSFLO Express, TRANSFLO NOW! and TRANSFLO Mobile+.

Get paid faster with TRANSFLO Express® truck stop scanning

TRANSFLO Express truck stop scanning by Pegasus TransTech is a service provided at more than 1,000 participating truck stops nationwide including Pilot Travel Centers, Flying J Travel Plazas, TravelCenters of America and Love's locations. The service provides fleets with same-day access to trip documents. Truck stop scanning with TRANSFLO Express offers:

TRANSFLO Express Truck Stop Scanning

Speeds cash flow

Same day access to delivery documents

Faster billing

Ability to pay drivers faster

Easy to use

Saves time

Saves money

Largest truck stop scanning network

How it works...

1DELIVER: Simply make your delivery and retain the delivery documents.

2SCAN: Stop at any of the 1,000 participating truck stops, and a trained cashier will scan your paperwork.

3GET PAID: Within seconds after scanning, your documents are received for billing and payroll.

TRANSFLO Now! Anytime, anywhere scanning

TRANSFLO Now! is a remote scanning application for drivers that offers the same timely delivery and accuracy as TRANSFLO Express. With this convenient scanning solution, drivers can send delivery documents to their fleet from the truck cab, home, office or any other location using a computer and scanner.

TRANSFLO Now Anywhere Scanning
  • Free and easy to download and install
  • Fleet ID ensures accurate delivery
  • Works with a wide variety of scanning devices
  • Allows multiple documents to be scanned & sent together
  • Users receive a delivery confirmation number via email. Documents are viewable online for 14 days
  • Easy to use—requires no training

Get started now. Start receiving a 6% discount on document scanning solutions from Pegasus TransTech. Simply complete the request form below, or call 888.937.6334.

TRANSFLO Mobile+ enterprise mobility

TRANSFLO Mobile+ is an enterprise-grade smartphone app whose functionality includes scanning, two-way messaging, load tendering, accident & claims submission as well as settlements. This functionality provides a one-stop solution to speed cash flow, simplify processes and optimize communications.

This multi-functional application provides same-day access to delivery documents, load tendering, claim and accident submissions, and much more!

Available for Android & iPhone.