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The patented aerodynamic design of the Eco Flaps® splash guard offers a simple solution to two of the greatest challenges in the transportation industry today – reducing fuel costs and improving performance. TruckersB2B members can now receive a 10% discount with Eco Flaps. Fix your mud flap problem with a proven solution.

The Benefits of Eco Flaps

Reduces drag and cuts fuel costs.

Eco Flaps molded, wing-shaped channels reduce wind resistance and drag, moving air and water through the flap surface with minimal drag to improve fuel economy up to 3.5%—saving 500 gallons of the 14,000 gallons of fuel a truck will use annually. See the SAE 3rd party testing.

Increased durability.

Molded from high-impact nylon that has been impact tested to withstand extreme conditions, Eco Flaps provide a longer life than conventional mud-flaps and better withstand the stress of high wind and side wind.

Safer. Cleaner. Clearer.

By directing water spray to the pavement rather than into passing or trailing vehicle’s lines-of-sight, the Eco Flaps design helps reduce road spray by up to 75%, improving safety for both truck drivers and motorists.

Protect the environment.

The reduced fuel consumption provided by Eco Flaps can also reduce truck emissions by 400,000 CO2 pounds annually to dramatically reduce the vehicles carbon footprint.

Lower costs. Increase profitability.

Decrease maintenance cost per mile and stop paying up to $100 for an over-the-road mud flap replacement. Increase driver profitability with 2-3 less times fueling per year.

2-year warranty.

Eco Flaps are made in the USA and their durability has been proven to last 60 months, but you can rest assured knowing every Eco Flap is backed by a full 2-year warranty.


Available in a variety of sizes with custom graphics and colors to meet your needs, and save your fleet money.

Eco Flaps are available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs for both tractor and trailer applications and are easy-to-install. They are interchangeable with your current mud flaps and don’t require any additional equipment or hardware. Eco Flaps are available in custom colors with custom graphics or logos to make you really stand out. Get mud flaps that are proven to save fleets money.

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