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Triumph Business Capital

Triumph Business Capital takes the work out of working capital. Get profitable no risk loads and receive a 2% rebate on all factoring fees paid to Triumph Business Capital.

Dependable no risk loads

What makes a load "no risk"?

What does Triumph Business Capital do?

Freight invoice factoring isn’t hard to understand. If you’re like most businesses, you need operating capital to run your business. But you may not be able to access the capital you need through traditional credit sources. Before approving business loans, banks want collateral they can sell—but your invoices don’t count. That’s where a freight factoring company comes in. Factoring means we’ll buy your unpaid invoices--your accounts receivable—at a small discount. That provides you immediate cash to pay present and upcoming bills, without acquiring debt.

Triumph Business Capital accounts receivable factoring

Who is Triumph Business Capital?

Triumph Business Capital is a freight factoring company that provides simple invoice factoring to trucking companies and freight brokers of all size. Our difference is decades of experience, an in-depth understanding of the transportation industry, and a genuine interest in helping clients grow and succeed. The Triumph Bancorp group offers a growing suite of financial services – starting with insurance and equipment finance. Wherever you may be in your business growth cycle, they can help you reach the next level.

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