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Comply with the ELD mandate, and enjoy better telematics at a fraction of the cost. Transflo Telematics is a game-changer for the trucking industry. TruckersB2B members receive special pricing and for a limited time receive free Transflo Standard ELD monthly subscription through March 2018! This offer expires November 30, 2017. Learn more. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) indicates that the ELD rule will affect approximately 3 MILLION TRUCKS, which will be required to electronically record a driver’s hours of service information starting in December 2017. This could lead to supply issues for those who wait too long.

How Transflo Telematics Works

Transflo ELD T7

The Transflo ELD T7 installs in minutes, records engine status (on/off), engine hours, vehicle movement, and more.

Transflo E-Logs

Transflo’s application allows drivers to access electronic logs, driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) and more.

Transflo Telematics Portal

The Transflo Telematics Portal is where fleets and drivers extract reporting information for IFTA and more.

Benefits for Fleet Managers

Fleet managers access data and reporting about drivers, vehicles, and fleets. With a wide range of features, Transflo Telematics can help you meet the mandate requirements and manage your fleet with data-driven insights. You can access driver behavior and safety, ultra-accurate vehicle diagnostics, real-time GPS tracking, and much more!

Benefits for Drivers

Drivers conveniently access electronic logs, driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR), and everything else they need to manage their day – all from one mobile solution. They not only access electronic logs, they can manage loads, capture documents, chat with dispatch, and much more. But best of all, drivers enjoy efficiency and peace of mind while on the road. And that’s priceless.

Get Started Now

The fully integrated solution includes affordable functionality that is competitive with traditional, high-end in-cab telematics systems. It’s everything carriers and drivers need, at a fraction of the cost. Learn more about the special offer for TruckersB2B members and get compliant for less.

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