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Marquette Transportation Finance

Marquette Transportation Finance is dedicated to providing accounts receivable financing solely to the trucking industry. We're dedicated to providing you additional savings. TruckersB2B members receive a 2% rebate on all financing fees paid to Marquette. Offering an alternative to traditional bank financing, Marquette tailors programs to fit your specific needs and specializes in:

Growth and expansion

Mergers and acquisitions


Liquidity needs

A working capital solution

At Marquette, accounts receivable financing involves the sale of part or all of a company’s accounts receivables in exchange for fast cash. Marquette Transportation Finance assumes the back office responsibilities of the processing and collections of your accounts receivables while allowing you to maintain your relationship with your customer. The price a company pays to finance its accounts receivables is predicated on its customer base credit worthiness, annual revenue, business type, and how quickly the receivables can be collected. Accounts receivable financing is an ideal resource for growing businesses; with inadequate lines of credit and are seeking a reliable, consistent source of working capital.

      Marquette Transportation Finance has consistently demonstrated that the client is important to Marquette. They have worked with ARL to accommodate ARL needs, rather than insisting we change to meet Marquette needs. Their flexibility has facilitated ARL growth with minimal additional requirements or disruption to ARL personnel. Without Marquette’s entrepreneurial business philosophy ARL would not have grown as fast as we have.

Ron K. Faherty, ARL Network
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Who is Marquette Transportation Finance

Marquette Transportation Finance is part of Marquette Financial Companies, a $1.2 billion diversified financial services holding company comprised of bank and specialty finance service businesses. For over 50 years the Marquette name has been recognized as an organization that develops strong client relationships through superior customer service.

Marquette Transportation Finance’s professional, knowledgeable, and committed staff provides expert accounts receivable management services for trucking companies. These services include invoicing, cash application, collections, and credit research. Marquette’s customers realize a considerable reduction in credit and collection costs as a result of their services.