06 January 2015

PeopleNet updates e-logging software

Our vendor partner PeopleNet has updated its eDriver Logs application to correlate with the latest suspension of the 34-hour restart regulation. Any violations recorded after Dec. 16, 2014 will automatically be recalculated from the displays when drivers log in.

PeopleNet made the change Dec. 22, following President Obama's signed bill on Dec. 16, 2014. The bill suspended the 34-hour restart rules that were executed July 1, 2013 until Sept. 30, 2015. The regulations are only to be reinstated if FMCSA can provide a study to Congress that justifies the rules. 

PeopleNet provides mobile communication and fleet management, which allow fleets to reconstruct accidents in real time, send documents from inside a cab, quickly locate vehicles, wirelessly capture signatures and bar codes, and so much more. TruckersB2B members receive a choice of three different savings options with PeopleNet, as well. Learn about the benefits at truckersb2b.com/peoplenet.



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