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What is TruckersB2B?

TruckersB2B is a business-to-business membership program dedicated to providing competitive rebates and discounts to small and medium-sized trucking companies within the US and Canada. There are no fees to join. For over 15 years, we have worked as a team to bring suppliers and fleets together, allowing our members to experience the benefits and rewards of a large buying power. 

With industry-wide savings from our leading vendors, TruckersB2B gives your fleet a competitive advantage, while improving your bottom line. Join our elite crew

of over 27,000 members who have already received over $91 MILLION in rebates!

Member Benefits

Industry-Wide Savings

Access to savings on everything you need to strengthen your business and reduce costs, including discounts on fuel, tires, trucks, maintenance and more.

Competitive Fuel Savings

Our fuel savings program is among the best in the industry. Enroll and start saving $.10/gallon. The best part—no minimum fueling requirements!

National Account Tire Savings

Members receive access to our national account tire savings on most major tire brands with The Gold Program.

Dedicated Savings Team

Each member has a dedicated team consisting of a Generalist, Fuel Specialist and Tire Specialist who are devoted to getting you the most savings possible.

News and Information

We keep you informed with our industry-related blog and quarterly newsletters, as well as monthly emails to keep you advised of your savings history and new ways to save.

Driver Retention Programs

Some of our savings like insurance, legal services, wireless and more, can be extended to your drivers, helping you recruit and retain quality employees—at no additional cost to you.

Easy to Use

No hassle savings! Most of our discounts automatically come off your invoice and our rebates are as simple as sending us a copy of your invoice. No rebate forms to fill out. No identification process.

No Cost to Join

Did we mention there's no cost to join? How, you ask? We actually get paid by our partners to market their products to you. They want your business, and they leverage our program to reach you.

Meet Miles, the TruckersB2B Mascot

Miles is the TruckersB2B loyal, faithful, and adorable mascot. Just as many small trucking companies feel like they can't operate as efficiently as the large fleets or enjoy the same discounts, Miles sat on the porch for years thinking he couldn't run with the big dogs. That was until he heard about TruckersB2B.

Miles may be small, but because of TruckersB2B he is no longer the underdog. He works hard to help other small fleets realize the benefits of TruckersB2B by helping them save money every "mile" along the way.