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For every referral you submit that joins TruckersB2B, you will receive an awesome TruckersB2B T-Shirt—ensuring you are the envy of all your friends. Then, once your referral earns $100 in rebates, you'll both get a $25 gift card!* 

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3 ways to submit your referrals


Use the referral form below to submit all the fleets you think might like to save money



Email your referrals to



Have your referral complete our member application, select "Refer a Fleet" as the hearsource, and mention your name

*You will receive a TruckersB2B T-Shirt within 4 weeks of your referral joining TruckersB2B. Once the referred fleet earns $100 in rebates from TruckersB2B, both you and the fleet you referred will receive a $25 gift card from TruckersB2B.

In order to be eligible, the person submitting the referral must be a TruckersB2B member and the referral must be submitted one of the 3 ways mentioned. The referred fleet must be a new TruckersB2B member and must be a trucking company with class 6, 7, or 8 vehicles in order to be eligible. TruckersB2B reserves the right to disallow referrals that are duplicative, or existing members of TruckersB2B.